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StickAForkInMeImDone Mon 09-Jan-12 09:47:37


Following on from thread in chat (I think, or was it AIBU-not sure), does anyone fancy arranging a meet up?

Honeydragon Mon 09-Jan-12 10:02:15


<is out in the sticks somewhat>

StickAForkInMeImDone Mon 09-Jan-12 10:06:52

How far out in the sticks are you nosy?
Priscilla and Martyr have said they are up for a meet up - just need them to see this htread so we can sort it out grin

Honeydragon Mon 09-Jan-12 10:21:43

I'm on the far side of Silverstone grin

Honeydragon Mon 09-Jan-12 10:22:33

I never manage meets up as I don't drive any more and am neither really Oxford or Northampton

StickAForkInMeImDone Mon 09-Jan-12 10:54:14

Is public transport an option?

Honeydragon Mon 09-Jan-12 11:14:34

yes, dependent on journey.

I have mastered it after years of practise, but there is still the odd surprise, like you can get a bus in but the next one back is two days later grin

StickAForkInMeImDone Mon 09-Jan-12 11:18:36

Silverstone is less than half an hour from me down the dual carriageway, so depending on how far past Silverstone you are I'm happy to come and get you but understand if you didn't want me to.

One way or another we should be able to arrange something smile

Tyson86 Mon 09-Jan-12 11:21:11

Hi I am up for it, happy to pick honey up as I am in wootton so not really too far grin

Eclairwaldorf Mon 09-Jan-12 15:21:52

Hi where would we be meeting up? I live in Kettering, but can get to Northampton no worries.

MartyrStewart Mon 09-Jan-12 18:33:26

Hey, count me in. smile

Depending on where it is, I'm up for it too grin.

StickAForkInMeImDone Tue 10-Jan-12 06:09:35

Great, anyone have any preferences for where/when? smile

MartyrStewart Tue 10-Jan-12 08:48:53

I can't do Mondays, but apart from that am pretty flexible.

PriscillaQueenOfTheDesert Tue 10-Jan-12 11:42:29


Didn't realise there would be so many replies already.

I'm in.

I can do most days/times. grin

PriscillaQueenOfTheDesert Tue 10-Jan-12 11:44:06

<adds thread to watch list so I don't forget it's here blush >

Tyson86 Tue 10-Jan-12 11:55:11

Will dc be coming or not. smile

Nagoo Tue 10-Jan-12 12:02:29


MartyrStewart Tue 10-Jan-12 12:05:45

I think there was some talk of meeting up at a soft play type place with DC.

Nagoo, don't lurk, it will be fun grin

Tyson86 Tue 10-Jan-12 12:36:43

Hi Goo grin
If dc are coming I can do anything smile

Nagoo Tue 10-Jan-12 13:15:52

Will we let them have fruitshoots? grin

I'm at work quite a lot now when I am not smashing up my legs but you arrange something and I'll try to tag along smile

StickAForkInMeImDone Tue 10-Jan-12 13:24:34

I'm happy to do softplay or park. please don't make me be the one to make decisions If we do softplay maybe best to go for one of the smaller ones or we will spend all the time chasing after the DC with no time for a coffee or chat.
Nagoo I'll let my DC3 have anything he bloddy well likes, if he lets me drink a coffee whilst it is still hot grin

MartyrStewart Tue 10-Jan-12 13:26:15

I agree small soft play would be a good idea - and weatherproof!

Bezerk near Moulton is fairly reasonable during term time.

StickAForkInMeImDone Tue 10-Jan-12 13:31:13

Yes Bezerk would be good, or Wacky on the Bedford Road. Whichever is easiest for people to get too.
How odd would it be if any of us already knew/recognised each other grin

MartyrStewart Tue 10-Jan-12 13:44:54

Shall I stick my neck out and suggest next week? Wed/Thu would be best for me but happy to go along with the majority.

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