Anyone HE in Northaampton?

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RaraGigglePixie Wed 28-Dec-11 21:00:09

Just that really.

Only been in Northampton since October. I am in West Hunsbury.

Would like to meet some Home Educators as planning on it for our boys, or even if someone can point me in the right direction for some toddler groups that'd be great.


mummybearof2 Wed 18-Jan-12 18:51:09

Hi i aqm also new to northampton, I lived here as a child and moved away 6 years ago, we moved back 8 weeks ago as a mummy of 2 with no idea of where anything is or if they even have any mums and tots, children center type things! I grew up in East hunsbury! smile

pinkkoala Tue 24-Jan-12 23:03:58

hi, i home taught my dd now 7 for two yrs, she started school in yr two last sept. in some ways i wished i had carried on.

i have lived in east hunsbury for 9 yrs.

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