Reasonably priced couple counselling in northampton?

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liinyo Wed 01-Feb-12 12:20:00

Hi I am part of a national charity called Marriage Care. We operate counselling services throughout the country and I know our Northampton branch is very active. As we are a charity we do not charge but ask for a donation, ideally this will be £40/45 a session, but if you cannot afford that much, you just give as much as you can afford. No-one is ever turned away because of contribution size

BWmummyx Mon 26-Sep-11 09:25:08

i am new to this, i was wondering if anyone knows of any reasonably priced couple counselling in northampton,or anywhere that offers a donation type of thing? Have been looking around and they all are about £50 a session!!

would really appreicate any recommendations

thank you

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