references for St Matthews pre school on Park Avenue North

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LucyMartin Sat 25-Jun-11 20:15:28

Have been looking for a Nursery for my 3 Year old daughter and am wondering if anyone has anything good or bad to say about St Matthews.

Other recommendatins would be god too.

jjo1 Fri 08-Jul-11 21:27:26

we sent our son there when he was 2 and to start with it was amazing but when they changed owners the place went down the pan! communication was non existent, staff changed frequently and the owners didn't show any concern for the children. It gutted us as we loved it there previously. please bare in mind this was 3 years ago and they may have changed since then.

Ljoy33 Thu 11-Jul-13 14:10:34

Hi, I used to work at st Matthews pre school (under the new management) and left when I had my first child, since I left there have been lots of staff changes so I couldn't comment on what it's like now but when I visited a couple of years ago it wasn't looking good and I was never prepared to send my child there. My advice is this- when you look round nurseries/pre schools you'll get a good or unsure feeling about it, ask yourself this do staff and children look happy? Do staff make you feel welcome? Do staff ask questions about your child? Do they get down to your child's level and talk to them? Dose the nursery look clean and well maintained? Are the staff/manager happy for you to spend time with your child in the setting? Ask a few members of staff the same question including the manager to see if the answer they give is the same, count how many staff to children there are in each room. If you are unsure about st Matthews I would say you already know your answer. Good luck in looking for childcare if you would like any other advice I'm happy to give it I've been working in childcare in northampton for 17 years

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