Anyone in the villages north of Northampton?

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biodiversity Fri 01-Oct-10 13:39:06

Hi, I've just moved back to Welford after 12 years away and have a 6 month old. I've been scanning the internet for baby groups and meet ups and can't find anything very close! Is there anyone in the villages north of Northampton (Guilsborough catchment over towards Brixworth) who knows of play groups etc or who would like to meet up? Looking forward to hearing from people!

tiokiko Wed 15-Dec-10 12:02:56

Hi - have only just seen your thread.

We are in Brixworth but about to move up north - but can point you in the direction of a few local groups that I've gone to before (DD is just 2).

East Haddon - really nice small Mums & Tots group on Thursdays from 10am. At the cricket pavilion, up a little lane right oppose the Red Lion pub (you can drive up there).

Great Brington - mums & tots in the Reading Rooms on Thursdays from 10am, nice group but can be quite busy.

Brixworth - Rhyme Time in the library Fridays 9.45am, think there is then a surestart play session in the room above the library from 10.15 but I haven't been.

Long Buckby - Rhyme Time in the library every second Friday at 2.45 I think.

Have you seen the Toddle About magazine? I think it comes out quarterly and has listings of all local groups - also online I think here.

Can also really recommend a local baby swim class - Active Baby Company. Have taken DD to their lessons since she was about 10wks and she absolutely loves it. Really nice teachers, pools all over Nptonshire but one close to you would be the Barcelo Hotel in Daventry which is great. Could be a good way to meet others locally?

Hope this is some use and these are somewhere close to you. Not sure who your HV will be in that area but maybe they can help with some pointers?

CameronCook Sat 01-Jan-11 22:02:53

I'm in your area but my DCs are much older - tiokiko has suggested some really good groups - East Haddon M&T group certainly was very nice.

If you wanted to venture further afield my friend runs the M&T group here

or this might be worth a look at

mickymoo Tue 11-Jan-11 14:08:09

HI im in Duston in Northampton have a 6th months old

bubaluchy Sat 25-Jun-11 19:16:32

Mums and tots group at Nagarjuna Buddhist centre cafe Thursdays 12-3 (10 min drive from Brixworth), post code NN69LZ, gorgeous surroundings plenty of toys and books and delicious home made cakes and snacks smile

sveness Fri 28-Jun-13 11:46:40

Hi I am looking for new members for my Marie Curie Cancer Care Fundraising Group in Daventry/Long Buckby. They meet approximately once a month and all the members are ladies at the moment. They support our campaigns locally, such as collections in March and November, hold a blooming great tea party which is a great way of getting to know your neighbours and local community as well as organise their own fundraising event. They have all become good friends through the groups.

Please let me know if this might interest anyone. I can be emailed or called 01604 442315 (Sally Veness, Community Fundraiser)


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