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chickbean Thu 14-Jan-10 20:36:34

I have just taken over from the co-ordinator of the local Netmums meet-ups.

I am a sadly addicted Mumsnetter, but have to admit to batting for both sides grin.

We tend to meet up every week or two, either at people's houses, coffee shops or soft play. There's also a subset of baby meet-ups for people who don't want toddlers rampaging through their homes just yet. We do have evenings out too - though at 38.5 weeks pregnant I'm going to have to delegate organising those for a while.

We're always happy to welcome new people, so please get in touch if you are interested in being on our mailing list for meetings.

HarrogateMum Fri 15-Jan-10 09:39:30

chickbean, do I know you? Were you in the book group at all? I had to bow out due to time pressures but always up for a coffee occasionally. I have twin boys in reception class and a 3 year old DD.

chickbean Fri 15-Jan-10 19:38:03

No, I missed the book group (though I've always fancied being in one). I have looked at your photos and I don't recognise you - but I'll be looking out for you now! And your gorgeous children.

Do you work full-time? Would you be able to come to any of our meet-ups? So far they have tended to be on Mondays, but there's no reason that they have to be. There are others with girls the same age as your DD - I have 2 boys (3 & 1). Alternatively, I am child-free on Wednesdays (well, apart from imminent DC3) if you want to meet up for a natter.

We've got our next meet-up at 10 a.m. on Monday off Wetherby Road - can you CAT me if you want to come and I'll send the address. Or I can CAT you if you haven't signed up. Let me know.

HarrogateMum Sat 16-Jan-10 10:14:52

hi chickbean, no I work Mon, Weds and Thurs so my free days are Tues (totally child free) and Fri (got DD).

dnamum Sun 17-Jan-10 16:56:31

Im all for the meet ups, well I would be.
Chickbean has just taken over from me
(hi chickbean )

coffee, good company and chat

chickbean Sun 17-Jan-10 22:02:03

Doh! Harrogatemum I'll have all of mine on Tuesdays and Fridays. I'll try for a Friday meet-up sometime soon and then they can all play together.

Ha ha Dnamum that's two people on MN that I know in real life - will have to watch what I post now.

barbareebaahumbug Mon 01-Feb-10 22:59:42

Am sahm to ds 14 months.
Would love to meet up! Moved back to harrogate from london in June and haven't met any other mums (a bit shy about toddler groups...)

chickbean Mon 08-Mar-10 23:53:10

Hi barbareebaahumbug - have you namechanged? I have tried to get in touch, but it hasn't worked.

stottiecake Thu 15-Jul-10 23:28:50

Argh! Yes! Ds now 19 and a bit months - would still love to meet up!

chickbean Sun 18-Jul-10 00:18:23

Hi stottiecake - I tried to contact you but it says you can't receive messages via MN. We've got a meet-up on Monday that I can send you details of if you can let me know your e-mail address.

stottiecake Fri 13-Aug-10 15:31:35

hi Chickbean! My email is - would love to hear about any other meet ups!

AngiDas1 Tue 13-Mar-12 09:27:23

I would to meetup with other moms, either out and about or host people at my home. I have 2 kids, a girl almost 4 and a boy who is 10. My daughter is in nursery school in the mornings,so most afternoons are good for us.

Kirstoir Mon 23-Jul-12 17:12:26

Hey, I'm Kirsty and I'm 30... I have a 5 year old son and would like to meet other parents :-)

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