Thinking of moving to Harrogate - recommendations?

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Hulla Sat 09-Jan-10 10:27:37

Hi Harrogate MNers,

We're thinking of moving to Harrogate and I'm looking for tips on where to look and where to avoid (if anywhere).

We have a 1 year old dd so schools are important and we'll be commuting into Leeds for work.

Any ideas?

chickbean Sat 09-Jan-10 22:42:25

Central or south side of Harrogate is best for commuting (but also quite expensive) - there's the main station and a small one called "Hornbeam Park" - or you can take a bus every 20 minutes - depends where you need to be in Leeds.

Loads of good schools in this part of Harrogate - Oatlands (South), St. Peter's (Central), Western (Central), are the ones you tend to hear about, but have had great reports from friends with kids at Wedderburn (South) and Rossett Acre (South) as well.

chickbean Sat 09-Jan-10 22:46:36

P.S. Feel free to CAT me if you are coming - can let you know about meeting other mums, etc. if you are interested. Or if you want to find out about anywhere that the Estate Agents are contacting you about.

MamaG Sat 09-Jan-10 22:50:37

I've just moved to Wetherby and will be commuting to Leeds soon <glee>

Hulla Sun 10-Jan-10 08:33:29

Thanks chickbean (and MamaG smile). We had been looking at Ilkley but DH feels its a bit small whereas I am worried that Harrogate will feel a bit big (compared to Ilkley not Leeds, obviously).

Thank you for the tips about the schools too. Maybe we'll focus our search around the school catchment areas.

I'll definately CAT you if we move that way. Our house goes on the market this month <excited>

chickbean Sun 10-Jan-10 12:44:48

Harrogate doesn't seem that big to me - I've only been back for 2.5 years but I often bump into people I know at the supermarket, in town, soft play.

You could always go for one of the villages on the train line - Pannal is just one stop outside Harrogate and has a good primary school. I grew up in a village on the other side of Harrogate and loved it - but I have friends who still live there and it feels a bit cliquey at times.

HarrogateMum Tue 12-Jan-10 18:54:09

Hi Hulla - I live in Pannal that chickbean mentions and my DTs go to the local primary there, its a lovely place to live, has a village feel but is literally 1 mile from the outskirts of Harrogate so its hard to tell where Pannal starts and Harrogate stops. There are lots of lovely areas in and around Harrogate and most of the schools are good so you really are spoilt for choice! CAT me if you want further info and hope you enjoy living here - I certainly do!

Hulla Thu 14-Jan-10 08:46:13

Oh Pannal looks lovely but there isn't much on RightMove. Thanks HarrogateMum - I worry think it'll take a while for ours to sell so I will keep checking back.

HarrogateMum Thu 14-Jan-10 10:06:04

whereabouts are you at the moment Hulla?

Hulla Thu 14-Jan-10 10:25:37

I'm in Leeds but its not the nicest bit really and the schools aren't great. Lots of graduates buy here because its close to the centre but the area hasn't improved a great deal in the 5 years we've been here. We only intended to stay a few years but the market turned and now dd has come along. Hindsight is marvellous isn't it? smile

HarrogateMum Thu 14-Jan-10 11:26:47

yes indeed! Well I'm sure you will love harrogate as and when you get here!

agentlmb Mon 17-Jan-11 20:24:41

Hi all, we need to move nearer to York but fancy Harrogate. We have a 4 yr old boy who is nearly 5 and a 10 yr old girl, both at primary school. The schools where we live are not great and thats why Harrogate looks tempting. Can anyone tell me the difference between Harrogate High and Harrogate Grammar as both look great on the scores achieved. Also, I have read the above and need some further help on areas to avoid if possible or if indeed there are any? Houses are pricey but there are a few cheaper ones and we are wondering if they are areas to avoid. Also does anyone know of good dancing schools as our daughter currently does Tap and Ballet?

trice Sat 29-Jan-11 12:18:42

Harrogate grammar has the reputation of being the best school in the area. Harrogate high is regarded as the worst. Its still a good school though, it is just that all the schools in Harrogate are fab.

Even the dodgy areas of Harrogate are quite lovely. I love it here.

hmmSleep Mon 31-Jan-11 10:55:01

I'm also from Pannal with my daughter attending the local primary, I would highly recommend. My Dh commutes to Leeds, trains depart every half hour from Pannal station at peak times.

We rented over the other side of Harrogate when we first moved here and although it's fine, I personally prefer the South side. Cold bath road area is quite nice too if you're looking for something more central, but we found it hard to find houses with gardens around there.

agentlmb My daughter attends ballet classes at chatworth dance The venue is pretty scruffy, but they seem quite good. Also I personally would avoid Harrogate High blush (sorry if anyone's dcs go there!). Harrogate grammar has the best reputation, (after the faith schools, st Aidans and John Fisher). I think Pannal is in the catchment area for Rossett school, which seems ok.

Good luck with the move and feel free to pm me if you need any more tips! smile

HarrogateMum Mon 21-Feb-11 13:54:37

oooh hmmSleep, do I know you?

hmmSleep Mon 21-Feb-11 23:25:34

grin, must admit to having a nosey at your profile, don't think I know you, my eldest Dd is only in reception and ds is at busybees, sure I'll spot your DTs in the playground at some point!

HarrogateMum Tue 22-Feb-11 14:17:58

you cant miss of the DTs has flaming red hair, the other is blonde. They are in Year 1. My DD will be going into reception in September and also has flaming red hair (and the temper to match!). We probably wouldnt bump into each other as you would collect your DD from the separate playground! Will be keeping an eye out now though! Do you live locally? IF your DS goes to Busybees I am sure we will have many mutual acquaintances from all the mums of the mountains of girls who will be going to school this year!

hmmSleep Tue 22-Feb-11 14:52:47

My ds starts in September too, so I'm sure we'll definitely bump into each other! I'm the frazzled looking one with 4 month, also flaming red hair, baby in tow. (Live near the duck pond).

HarrogateMum Tue 22-Feb-11 14:56:56

Pannal is full of redheads! right, will keep eye out for you, please dont be frightened if I come rushing up going "are you HmmmSleep!". (And we are near the park and the woods in the street opposite the church)

PollyB03 Wed 04-May-11 14:22:54

Hi mums
I've got a 23 month old son and live in Harrogate. I take him to Socatots and the usual soft-play areas in Harrogate, but to be honest, I end up taking him over to Leeds quite a bit as (understandably) there's more to do with tots there, with it being a city. I'm just wondering if I'm missing a trick and there's more to do on my doorstep that I'm unaware of. Any information would be appreciated smile Many thanks

HarrogateMum Sat 07-May-11 19:18:26

Hi Polly - when my DTs were little I spent most of my time at either the local twins club, or M&S Cafe or the Valley Gardens or baby massage classes! When DD was little my DTs were only just 2 so I didnt go out for 3 months (no joke!) What kind of things do you do in Leeds that you cant do in Hgte...maybe can then think if there is the same options here!

PollyB03 Tue 10-May-11 09:47:37

Hi Harrogate mum. Gosh, I can imagine how it was easier not to go out for those 3 months. Your hands must have been full. As my son is now reaching 2, I find things sooo much easier and feel my energy levels starting to return to normal (hope I haven't just jinxed it!!) and I only have the one.
Over in Leeds they offer something called Messy Monkeys (Kirkstall Abbey Museum) which is a messy play event. Also Leeds City Art Gallery do something similiar. In Headingley, there's a byob book club that meets and all the babies/toddlers play together while the mums talk about the current book. You can dip in and out of these things which is what I like. I attend a class with him one afternoon a week (and I work part-time) so I like having something flexible on offer as well. Thanks for your reply smile

hmmSleep Thu 12-May-11 12:19:20

Polly, have you visited one of the surestart centres? They have a lot of groups on themselves but also a good place to find out about other things in the area. They hold regular messy play days, shake rattle and roll music and dance etc. There is a nice toddler group in Pannal Memorial Hall on a Monday morning (puddleducks) or a good group in the church hall on Harlow Terrace on Wednesdays. My 3 year old LOVES little gym which is out near Harlow Carr on the Cardale Park business park, it's expensive but they're very flexible with which sessions you attend. We also have membership to Harlow carr and Harewood house, both great in the summer. The Library does story time, but can't remember which day. Hope you find some more activities you like smile.

PollyB03 Fri 13-May-11 14:13:40

HmmSleep - thanks for the tips. I've taken a look online at the things you've suggested and am definately interested in trying him out. We already have the Harewood House and Harlow Carr visits covered - some more of that sunshine we had would be nice smile Sometimes it's just about hearing what's on and where so thanks for your advice.

N13 Wed 10-Aug-11 19:21:02

We are looking to move to Wetherby in the next couple of months, our daughter is now 3 and starts full time September next year - she's currently in a nursery 3 days a week and loving it - does anyone have advise about primaries with nursery/ wrap round in place that they know is good ? I'll be continuing to work in Wakefield 3 days a week ... fingers crossed.

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