Does anyone known of any 'afternoon' activities for little ones in Harrogate?

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Gateau Wed 06-Aug-08 09:44:03

They all seem to go on in the morning and my DS has a really good sleep then - and it's invaluable!!
Does ANYTHING go on in the afternoons?

Koshka Wed 06-Aug-08 09:45:33

ohh there is nothing that i can find!

Will be watching this thread in interest as we are not a morning family!

NellieTheEllie Thu 07-Aug-08 14:04:12

how old are your children?
I know that there is a playgroup at St Mary's Church (just off Cold Bath Road) open a Tuesday afternoon, although it is shut for holidays at the moment!
Things like Tumble Tots, Soccer Tots, Mucky pups etc often have afternoon sessions in various locations around Harrogate. Unfortunately, if you don't want to pay for activities per term, then I don't think there is much about.
I struggle to fill afternoons too, and generally end up in Valley Gardens or at friends houses.

Gateau Sun 10-Aug-08 22:12:13

Thanks Nelllie.
My DS is nearly 16months.
will have a look on internet; don't mind paying - a little!

janine79 Wed 13-Aug-08 20:31:05

There's a great playgroup at Woodfield Gospel Hall in Bilton on Wednesday afternoon at 1.15pm term time. It has a huge play area with lots of room to run around and toys. It ends with a coffee for mums and drink for children and then a sing song. The ladies that run it are lovely and the best bit is its completely free. There are also story time sessions at the library in Bilton on a Tuesday afternoon and Harrogate central on a Friday afternoon. Hope this helps

janine79 Wed 13-Aug-08 20:39:28

There is also a playgroup at 1.15pm Friday afternoon's at St Johns Church hall in Bilton but like everything else it only runs during term time.

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