so where are your favourite places to go with dcs in Cleveland?

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gemmiegoatlegs Sun 06-Jan-08 20:18:11

I am looking for some new adventures for me and dcs aged 2 and 4. we are somewhat stuck in a rut of late, and I'm hoping to have the freedom of driving if i pass my test this week ...
so what do you all do in the area, am i missing any hidden gems?

we go to the farm in Coulby Newham, go to soft play, different parks in the area and museums and we love the seaside on a nice day. i am ashamed to admit I don't know much about the nearby countryside - where are good places for walks and picnics with small kids?

Bouncingturtle Mon 07-Jan-08 15:49:23

Haven't got any, but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of places to take my 6yo dss on wet and cold days... been running out of ideas for where to take him when he is up and weather is bad, if it's nice we normally take him to the park up the road or to Saltburn.

gemmiegoatlegs Mon 07-Jan-08 17:50:55

how about museums? my two like the preston hall and the dorman museum in middlesbrough. Does he like the big soft play places - there is one on Teesside industrial estate - kids corner or crazy corner, something like that

i suffer the same problem for bad weather, though, normally we face the elements and just go out anyway!

Bouncingturtle Mon 07-Jan-08 18:08:42


smoggie Sun 10-Feb-08 19:52:33

Just seen this thread so hope these are still useful.
Wynyard Woodland Walkway - an old disused train track near Thorpe Thewles with a playground full of wooden play equiptment, a cafe and shop in the old railway station and they run kids clubs during school holidays too.

Hardwick Park near Sedgefield

Sheep dip and reservoir just outside Osmotherly - good walks and woodlands to sit and have picnics

Kirkleatham Hall near Redcar - run half term and school holiday activities, playground there too.

MIMA art museum in Middlesbrough have art classes on a weekend - Sat I think, just turn up - they have a website

ARC in Stockton have different activities.

Will try to think of more.

Crazy Corner near THornaby is OK, but getting a bit tatty/staff not interested at the mo., but probably better than most. Mr Twisters at Hartlepool is better and Ruff n Tumble at Newton Aycliffe even better.

3Ddonut Sat 16-Feb-08 17:07:49

Dorman museum is fab, we go there a lot.

Can't think of anything that hasn't been mentioned, we often go out to Whitby, Guisborough and the kids love Saltburn.

3Ddonut Sun 17-Feb-08 18:08:49

How could I have forgotten Nature's World??? Dc LOVE it there! and if you buy an annual pass you only have to go I think twice to start making savings, we go a lot because it changes so much from week to week we've been going reguarly for over a year and still find new things on each visit.

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