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tjoak Tue 28-Feb-12 13:23:43

Safehands Nursery - Thought I would add this for what it's worth. I want to make clear that I am not commenting on their ability to look after children but this is my experience.

We booked our son a place for last year as we were pleased with the nursery provision I had seen on a visit. We sent our £50 deposit to hold a full time place. 8 weeks prior to him due to start the manager/owner contacted me to confirm dates. I informed her that circumstances had changes and that I was expecting again. I explained that my son will no longer be needing his place for that year but would definitely need it the following summer. I even asked if we would loose our deposit but was told - 'don't worry - we will transfer it to keep his place for next year'. I received a letter confirming our conversation asking me to fill in the registration form for this year so they can book baby no 2 in. I was contacted a couple of weeks ago to be told there was no place available for baby no 2 (my fault - left it a little too long) but was also told they had cancelled my son's place for this year? Why?. There I am due to return to work and no childcare. It amazes me as parents themselves and running a nursery, they should understand the importance for a parent to find provision for their precious children only to be let down without so much as an apology or decency to make a phone call prior to cancelling a place (which has been paid for)! Furthermore they are refusing to return the deposit - seems to them it is ok to take money off people to secure a place which they then cancel without warning - amazing. Thankfully I have found superior chilcare for my children now where they still believe in the importance of the provision they are providing and not like Safehands - a money making business.

bizymum Tue 03-Jan-12 21:22:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Novacane Thu 13-Mar-08 11:03:49

Can I second the Wendy House Nursery!
My Child loves it too!

navonod Wed 12-Mar-08 20:02:05

The Wendy House at Cardale Park is really impressive. it opened in November and my child loves it. The staff are great and the building and garden are super.

empen Wed 20-Feb-08 22:20:05

I have heard good reports about Sunbeams. I have decided to go the child minder route until my baby is a bit older. Anyone got any recommendations for a good childminder??

pennytiff Wed 20-Feb-08 21:29:48

I'm looking at the new Sunbeams nursery. Any one got little ones who go there? Any reports? wink

minxiemoo Sat 16-Feb-08 22:33:34

Hi! I think its called coppice nursery. I have a family member who did work experience there and she said it was one of the best.

empen Sat 16-Feb-08 21:57:17

Hi, I am looking to send my ds to nursery in Harrogate shortly. I have not even started looking yet but thought this would be a good place to start. He is 14 weeks old so only a tiny baby but unfortunetly I have to go to work. Has anyone got anything to add about a good nursery in the area particularly for babies. I am currently living in Jennyfields and dd goes to school there so this area would be good. What is the one near the hydro?

Tiggerish Tue 22-Jan-08 22:22:43

Closed door is when you have to wait in the coats area at pick-up and collect. The staff then come out to you. You are not generally allowed to go into the play rooms unless by arrangement or for a specific reason.

The idea is that it is less disruptive to the other children if their environment is kept calm and quiet.

yorkiegal Mon 21-Jan-08 23:24:41

What does the phrase closed door policy mean?

Tiggerish Sun 20-Jan-08 15:44:05

my dd goes to Kindercare and ds went too before he started school. We have always been really pleased with them (although I think we are in the best one in the chain) I agree that the closed door policy is a bit of a pain but you can always have a peek through the window before you go in wink

yorkiegal Mon 14-Jan-08 21:58:33

Hi could i be really cheeky and ask yu how much safehands is and do they have deposit and registration fee.

yorkiegal Mon 14-Jan-08 21:52:32

What do you mean by a closed door policy
Shall go and have a look around safe hands havent been where abouts is it please.

pollythepolarbear Mon 14-Jan-08 21:31:55

I'm just about to move DD into Safehands - a couple of friends have recommended it and I was really liked it when I visited. Friends' kids seem to love it and always happy to go.

Harcourt was also highly recommended by a friend who has used it for years - she said the staff are wonderful. Personally I wasn't that impressed on my visit though.

Not one you've mentioned but DD's current nursery is a Kindercare one. Have always been fairly happy with it but really HATE their 'closed door' policy. It's got to the point where I'm just not sure if she's happy any more because I can't actually see her playing (hence the move).

yorkiegal Mon 14-Jan-08 16:52:53

still looking have found a poss 2 or 3 i like 1 not to sure on,need to get motivated grandad lives away in the summer.Anyway any thoughts on
harcourt day nursery
green gables
playaways not to sure same owners as woodlands but totaly different
the one near the hydro

Koshka Wed 05-Dec-07 05:06:41

the best one is The Wendy house nursery!
it has just opened and the staff are great and DS loves it, and he is a clingy clinger!

Boovs Thu 22-Nov-07 20:12:15

NO WAY - I live down Tennyson too !!!

yorkiegal Thu 22-Nov-07 10:13:06

Hi thanks for your reply we live down tennyson and i know what you mean about staff looking less than enthusiastic have found off putting because surley you must want to work with children havent looked round the new one sunbeams have found one 1 felt right from ringing the bell the outside area isnt very big compared to some

Boovs Tue 20-Nov-07 08:25:06

Probably not a good idea to slag off previous nursery on here but since my DS1 went apparently it has changed hands and improved. A friend of mine has also been very happy with the nursery near the Hydro. I can't really give any tips I just went with my gut feeling and I think you know whether or not a place is suitable for your child. Some of the places I looked round i thought were quite tatty and run on a "shoestring" and the staff looked like they couldn't wait for hometime but at safehands they have plenty of staff who are all enthusiastic and they genuinely want the little ones to have a nice time whilst they are there. What side of town are you on - dropping off on a morning can be a nightmare in Harrogate?

yorkiegal Mon 19-Nov-07 16:36:30

Hi thanks for the reply findind it really hard when you look round its that quick and everything looks ok are you allowed to post on here where not to go or would that be really rude couldnt work out how to mail you to ask new to this
any tips on what to look for when looking round


Boovs Mon 19-Nov-07 12:55:46

I can highly recommend Safehands Day Nursery on Kent Road. I can't stress enough how fantastic the staff are and how clean and well maintained the nursery is. They seem to be very switched on and are always looking at how to improve things and they have great equipment for the kids. The staff are happy and my DS is always keen to get thro the door (he is 20 months btw). I have had a bad experience in the past with DS1 and can tell you where not to go!!

yorkiegal Wed 14-Nov-07 19:35:48

Hi just found this section and as the title says i am starting to look nto a nursery for my ds 16ish months any recomendations or any other info would be greatfully recieved its a minefield out there.

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