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TortieBlackCat Mon 03-Apr-17 22:45:27

I'm just wondering if anyone could help.
Last year at the end of June, we were driving from Scotland to N Yorks for our holiday. After we'd stopped in Thirsk, my DD needed the toilet going up Sutton Bank, so we stopped at the visitor centre right at the top. It was a weeknight evening before the season really began (English schools still in) so it was closed.
Anyway, I had to take my DD behind a bush but when we were getting ready to get back in the car, we noticed an old man lying on the ground the other side of the visitor centre.
We ran over (with my DP and older DC), and he'd collapsed, obviously in a bad way. He was conscious and could tell us his name, but not much else. We rang an ambulance, put our coats over him, collected his money and belongings ( he had money all around him, and various other things, which we put in his cap). After 15-20 mins a PCSO arrived, and called again for an an ambulance and help. Another 10-15 mins more police arrived, and could identify him as he'd apparently been missing all day. We (my DC/ DP) waited for another hour, but he was deteriorating whilst we were there. We did all we could, and after another hour the police took our details and said they'd let us know what happened, and we should just carry on to our holiday.
We did, leaving before the ambulance arrived.
We never heard anything from the police, but where we were staying had no phone reception, so I wasn't surprised to not hear when we were away (but no missed calls / messages either).
Anyway, I'd love to know how the man was. I remember his name, where he was from (I think), and basic details of his car, and his medical condition. Even if it's not good news, we were with him for a while, and well, I'd just like to know. Can anyone help?

janeyjampot Tue 04-Apr-17 10:15:19

It's a long shot, but North Yorkshire Police have a facebook page. They may well have posted a picture of the missing man at the time - they often do this. If so, could you find it and see if anyone updated? Given that you have the man's name you might be able to search more efficiently than just by scrolling back to June.

TortieBlackCat Tue 04-Apr-17 21:59:03

Thanks @janeyjampot - I just tried, but nothing. I know I could ring the police, but I've probably left it too long. And in any case, it feels like it would be a waste of police time - just to make me feel better :/
Thanks anyway.

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