Really appreciate thoughts on Rossett School and Harrogate Grammar

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TheLavenderLeotard Mon 09-May-16 11:08:43

We will definitely be moving to Harrogate, ideally well before start of school in September.
We will be renting and I'm finding that there are more (and cheaper!) houses in the Rossett catchment area.
I was all set to try to get son (yr 6 next year) into the Grammar but I'm wondering whether Rossett is a pretty close second? I see that both do well Ofsted-wise; obviously the Grammar has better academic results but I'm not sure that, for my son, that's necessarily crucial! I am way more interested in pastoral care.
My son is shy (youngest in his year) but makes friends easily. He's not especially academic- though no real problems either. He's just not very interested in his lessons- getting him to do homework is like pulling teeth! He does enjoy sport, computing and playtime!
I've phoned both schools and am unable to look around either due to exams; the next open days are September, by which time we'll need to have moved anyway.
So I'd be really grateful for any input on Rossett or Harrogate Grammar.

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