BC, Canada to the Dales?

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Intuition79 Wed 13-Apr-16 08:16:34

Hello, everyone. I am a single mum who lives on Vancouver Island, and I am (finally) coming to the UK to meet and visit with family. I am a first-generation Canadian, and so I am very excited to be able to come and see all of my relatives and learn about my heritage.

I have loads of questions, made more complicated by the fact that I have never flown, so bear with me. If there is anything you can help me with, I would appreciate your advice very much.

My family are nestled in a little village called Askrigg, in the dales. I will be staying primarily near them, and I am looking for cottage rentals in the area. I've also got some family in Boroughbridge who've kindly said I can stay with them for a few days, but they are quite elderly and so I need to be sure we won't be a burden. We plan to explore mostly Yorkshire and perhaps up into Edinburgh if we have time, but I admit I am very limited with money and so it may be that we stay close to our base.

I have no idea how to get to where we're headed! I thought Vancouver-Manchester would be the best route, but my cousin tells me it's quite a drive from MAN to where they are. She says there are smaller airports such as Leeds, Teeside, and Newcastle that are much closer, so I am asking some advice here. Is our best bet to travel to London and then on to a smaller airport? What about flying to Dublin (I have a friend there I would love to meet), and then on to one of these such as Leeds? If I take into account that I will likely need to rent a car to drive from the airport into the dales (I've heard the buses are not very regular in the countryside), which route do you think would be best for a lady who will be driving on a new side of the road?

I'll start with those, and hope that somebody can answer some of them. Thank you so very much for any and all suggestions!

Tikkaelgato Mon 09-May-16 18:17:37

Hi Intuition 79
Your relative were right regarding the drive from Manchester airport to North Yorkshire . I originally come from Leeds and Leeds /Bradford Airport or Teeside would be a better bet. For someone who is new to the area Leeds / Bradford would be a better bet. Is someone going to pick you up or are you hiring a car? If you drove and used a sat nav or app Leeds/ Bradford would take you to the A1 a main route to Newcastle and Scotland. Boroughbridge is just off the A 1 and clearly sign posted . Hope the enclosed is helpful

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