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LoveShirleyHenderson Thu 03-Dec-15 16:17:04

Hello, we are considering a move to Harrogate and would love some info on its primaries.My daughter's currently in yr 2 and son year 5.
I like the sound of harrogate grammar for secondary so would aim to live in that catchment area. Can anyone tell me what local primaries are like, particularly western and st peter's CE as they appear to be the most local. But also interested in Rossett acre, Oatlands and Pannal although they are a little further away from area i'd like to live in.
Also, just curious as to why western and st peters dont have particularly great ofsteds! any thoughts? I'm not wholly driven by ofsted reports- if the schools are known to have good atmosphere/ happy kids then I'm happy with that but just curious. Thanks for any help.

HarrogateMum Sat 12-Dec-15 14:37:31

Hi not sure if you'll pick this up but mine all go to pannal and its a very big primary but with an excellent headmistress. I have been very pleased with it. St Peter's is in town and western a little outside town centre. Oatlands also has excellent reputation and rosset acre i have had friends kids go there who have also loved it. Secondaries if you want Harrogate grammar you will need to live about half a mile away as it is so popular! It's quite an academic school if that suits your children but you are really spoilt for choice with schools in Harrogate!

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