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Kate6000 Sat 04-Jul-15 19:30:24

We will be moving to North Yorkshire at the end of the year for work and hoped somebody could give some advice on the areas

Husband will be working in Catterick so we want to be 20/25 minute drive from there

We have seen some houses on rightmove that are in Brompton on Swale, Bedale, Melsonsby and Richmond but not sure what these areas are like

We are both originally from Huddersfield but have been living in North Hampshire for the last ten years and we have a (nearly) 2 year old boy

I will be looking to get a job in Darlington but will need a nursery so all these things will be considerations

I would really appreciate if somebody could give local advice on the areas or areas to avoid

Thanks in advance

Alyballyb Sun 19-Jul-15 21:48:59

Hi, really depends what you are looking for and what you are used to. We moved up to Catterick from Hampshire 21 years ago and the area has changed a lot in this time.

Most areas have quite a few registered childminders.

Catterick Garrison (CG) itself is growing massively with a large multiplex cinema, retail park etc plus a big Tesco, an Aldi and a Lidl. There is also a well appointed leisure centre and gym and a park area. Residential wise there are a number of new housing estates springing up in the local areas of Brough-with-St-Giles and the Garrison itself. There are fairly good public transport links into Richmond/Darlington. There are several primary schools and one secondary school (Risedale). Colburn is also nearby but has a very Urban feel to it, there is a strong sense of community there but it tends to be more inclusive for families that have been there a long time rather than those moving in.

Nearest town is Richmond (5-10 minutes by car from CG, bit longer by bike - my hubby cycled it) which is a Georgian Market Town with cobbles and a castle. Its a small town, not the greatest for shopping (although they are building a designer outlet at Scotch Corner), but pretty and fairly safe. It was voted one of the top 10 places to live in UK based on quality of life a couple of years back. There is a swimming pool, 3 screen cinema, community clubs etc. The river and the parks are popular spaces. There are 3 primary schools and two secondary schools. There is a large nursery (Ridgeway) and a Montessori (Rooftops).

Brompton-on-Swale is a little further out and is a village made up of a number of housing estates, 1pub, 1 shop and a primary school. Its fairly quiet and you get more for your money house wise. Close links to the (currently being upgraded) A1 gets you to Darlington in 20minutes and 10 minutes to CG.

Catterick village is similar to Brompton on Swale but has more of a village feel to it, with a few pubs, cafes etc.

There is a nursery at Scorton called Little Learners that is reasonably close to Catterick and Brompton on Swale.

Melsonby is a quiet little village but there really isn't much other than houses, there are a few community groups etc but not much. I'm trying to remember if it has its own Primary school but can't recall.

Bedale takes you further out the other way from Darlington so would put you at a 30-40 minute commute. Its a nice town with a little high street, it has primary and secondary school.

When looking at travel times, remember this is North Yorkshire and the winters can be bleak, ice and snow on country roads causes bedlam as many of the little roads aren't cleared or treated, so the closer you stay to the main areas the more likely you are to get about year round ...... that and a set of winter tyres!

It is a nice area and I know many others that have settled in the area.

Hope this helps

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