Nurseries in Harrogate centre

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monkeymouse1 Mon 15-Jun-15 12:27:42


I am moving to Harrogate in Jan/Feb next year and have started looking into childcare for my DD who will be 2 years old when we move. We are planning to live quite centrally in Harrogate so that the everything is accessible on foot and my husband can get to the train station easily.

I am after recommendations for childcare, particularly nurseries. I want her to do two days a week (she currently does four with a childminder but I won't be working when we move). Any opinions gratefully received! Does anyone use Woodlands or Little Dragons?

LiviT Sun 21-Jun-15 22:00:40

Hi! I can really recommend Playaway (my youngest goes now and my eldest started in babies and stayed until pre-school) which is part of the same group as Little Dragons and Woodlands. I am sure they are good too, it's just that I don't have any experience of them. Staff are LOVELY and they make great efforts to make sure your child is happy. Good staff retention too and the owners' (josie and Ian thompson), as far as I can see, make great efforts to look after their staff. Playaway is a bit scruffy round the edges but more homely for it (esp compared to kinder care place at hornbeam park which in my opinion is too much like school) and any outside mess is more than made up for by atmosphere and fact that kids get to spend loads of time outside in the summer (also in winter but just not so much). Great efforts also made to cater to dietary requirements (eg non dairy). Good luck with the move and message me if you have any more questions. PS Another good place for info is Harrogate mumbler if you've not already found it.

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