any good local attractions for a two year old birthday treat?

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mozfranco Wed 16-Jul-14 21:05:45

I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere we can take our Daughter to celebrate her second birthday. We wanted to keep it as local as possible as a long car journey is no fun for anyone! (We live in north yorkshire) alton towers cbeebes land would be ideal but to far to go. Does anyone know of anything similar in this area? She's a huge Beatrix Potter/Shaun the Sheep fan.
Thanks for any suggestions!

littlechocshop Thu 24-Jul-14 21:57:19

Try The Little Chocolate Shop, Chocolate Factory in the Business Estate in Leyburn DL85QA-- They do kids workshops making Chocolate Pizzas or chocolate lolly making at a charge of £7.50 each-- also can see chocolates being made and there is a cafe with cake !! their number is 01969625288

DoctorChris Sat 26-Jul-14 20:08:15

Lightwater valley but please NOT 'So@ in Otley Road as it is like a crèche.

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