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deliciousberry Mon 09-Dec-13 19:33:21

Hi all, I know this has been done to death but the previous posts are quite old so I thought I'd start a new thread to get some advice on primary schools in Harrogate. We are moving to Harrogate in the first few months of next year. We have three children, two of which are primary school aged in year 3 and reception. We want to move to the cold bath road area (like everyone else, I know!) renting first and then buying. I called school admissions for the area this morning and they said that all the schools in that area are oversubscribed. What are the good schools in the Harrogate ara? I saw that Western seems to have been downgraded from an outstanding grading to requires improvement. Not that ofsted is the be all and end all. I find that mums are the best source of info for what a school is really like. Can any if you local ladies offer any advice on harrogate primary schools? And other options if the schools in south harrogate don't hat places? One option suggested was the little primary at Beckwithshaw....
Thanks in advance ladies.

Becky4567 Wed 11-Dec-13 11:32:10

Hi, We are in exactly the same situation and really struggling to make a decision on primary schools. I've trawled through the Ofsted reports and spoken to a few people but its still very unclear. I know its a personal decision at the end of the day but any inside information would really be appreciated. (Maybe even just the ones to stay clear of because of local knowledge)
Thanks to anyone that can shed some light!

LocalEditorNorthYorks Thu 02-Jan-14 13:03:28

I live in Harrogate and have a dc at primary school. Pretty much all the schools in Harrogate are pretty good. There isn't one I wouldn't send my children to. If you end up at the Cold Bath Road area Western , Rosset Acre or St Peters are all good. I know parents who have children and/or work at all three and they are very happy with them.

HarrogateMum Sat 15-Feb-14 16:25:04

My three go to Pannal Primary and it's really good. Oatlands also a great one as is Western etc. All good schools!

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