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LocalEditorNorthYorks Wed 20-Nov-13 15:14:57

Hello fellow inhabitants of North Yorkshire! I am kicking away the tumble weeds on this local site to see if we can make it a useful resource for us North Yorks mumsnetters. I am based in Harrogate so I would really apprieciate some input and local knowledge from folk in the wider area please.

I aim to be putting up lots of information on local attractions and events as well as resources that we might all want to use. It would really help me if you add your reviews and recommendations.

Any suggestions or ideas; please let me know. You can communicate with me on here or on the local twitter feed @MNNorthYorks or Facebook page.

YogaBelliesYorkshire Wed 05-Feb-14 21:38:08

YogaBellies as seen on Dragon's Den is coming soon to North Yorkshire! Classes starting on 11th March, YogaBelles yoga for women in Kirk Deighton, nr Wetherby and Ripon classes start on the 13th March. Further classes starting in April and May, Pregnancy Yoga, Mum and Baby Yoga, Mum and Toddler Yoga and Baby Massage. Feel the health benefits of yoga for pregnancy both pre and post natal. A great way to meet new mums and mums to be!

littlechocshop Fri 07-Feb-14 15:18:52

We have a chocolate factory in Leyburn, Wensleydale and make chocolate for our Chocolate shop outlet at front of our building.- tourist signs call it Chocolate Factory
We also have a cafe area on site.
Chocolate making workshops available for adults and kids
Also wholesale customers sought

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