how do i change him? proper advice and help needed thanks.

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shazz1966 Sat 29-Sep-12 15:29:28

Help me girls. Our flat mate has started taking epileptic fits. He has just started on medication for it, and is waiting for more tests. Twice we have found him laying on the floor just after having a sizure.The doctor said all we can do is make sure we make him comfortable till he wakes up. The problem is he has also wet himself as well when it happened. this has made him very sore on his bum as well, as he has an allergy to urine.he has agreed rather than leave him like this, we change him, as he can be out of it for a while. The trouble is he won't talk about it though, although he has agreed we help him. I really don't think in this case it would be fair leaving anyone in wet jeans and knickers, but how do we change his jeans and knickers and stop him getting sore on his bum? as we have no real experience dealing with this? We want to make sure he's comfy. the's only me and my other mate if it happens late and she said she would help too. can anyone give me advice? just i know we have to be careful.

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