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AWimbaWay Sat 05-Nov-11 18:51:45

I don't know about the primary school but King James' secondary is supposedly very good. I have friends with children there and they highly rate it.

sbt2 Tue 01-Nov-11 21:48:27

Does anyone know about the primary school aspin? Any good? Not sure if it is a good or bad thing about there only being one secondary school, hard one.

sbt2 Mon 03-Oct-11 21:45:56

Thanks, we went up there the weekend and loved all the area. So excited, just need to sell the house! Going to out a post on about wetherby as wondered what that was like to live in too. So nice up in yorkshire ;)

knaresboroughlass Thu 29-Sep-11 11:26:23

I LOVE knaresborough, I live in harrogate but if it were possible to move to k-borough, i would.

Beautiful, all year round, lots of walks and countryside around.
It's a small town, everyone knows everone!
I don't think it's sleepy - they have a fab arts and music fest in summer, a Gorgeous Christmas fair, and Easter fair, medieval day, the world-famous bed-race, fun runs, their own theatre, a thriving busy children's centre with loads of activities, some nice restaurants and pubs, concernts, good primaries, a very popular secondary school, a great child-friendly swimming pool, lots of interesting little shops and the wonderful market. I do lots of shopping in market. In fact we spend lots of our leisure time in Knaresborough rather than harrogate.
The train to leeds and york and harrogate is a definite plus too!

Cons - it's a small every knows everyone!
.Anecdotally, I have heard from other parents if your child is buillied at primary, there is no escape at secondaRY level as all the children go to that secondary.

AWimbaWay Sat 24-Sep-11 19:24:23

I like Knaresborough, it's a very pretty town, especially down by the river. The schools are good too. What I would say is there's not as much going on as Harrogate and it's hopeless for shops, It's definitely more of a small sleepy market town but then if you want shops, theatres etc. Harrogate, Leeds and York are only a short train ride away.

sbt2 Tue 20-Sep-11 19:59:15

Whats it like? Have posted about villages but so far no reply, whats it like here? Thanks, trying to decide where to live near tp good schools too so appreciate it!

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