Harrogate primary schools

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livvyliv Fri 13-May-11 15:25:01

Looking at moving to Harrogate.I've looked at all the ofsted reports and unsure which one to go for.

Which schools are the most popular and rated highly by the parent at the moment?

hmmSleep Fri 13-May-11 16:57:29

My Dd1 currently attends Pannal Primary which is fantastic IMO, my Ds starts there in September. Oatlands is also very popular as is Western. I think the majority are fairly reasonable though. Hope you find one you like.

trice Fri 13-May-11 17:21:07

Oatlands infants is a fabulous school but you do have to change to oatlands juniors which is not so hot. St Peters and Western are both really popular. Pannal is lovely and so is beckwithshaw. What area are you moving to?

HarrogateMum Sat 14-May-11 11:10:46

My DTs go to Pannal Primary and my DD will be going in September. Its a lovely school but it is quite big - 300 kids so it depends what you are looking for, there are much smaller village schools such as Beckwithshaw that trice mentions. As the demographic in Pannal is heavier on the older people you get children from all over Harrogate at Pannal.

Oatlands also very highly regarded school. I have several friends with children at Rossett Acre as well and they are very happy with it. Cant comment on any others!

spiderpig8 Thu 07-Jul-11 17:08:40

My kids went to Pannal school, admittedly 5 years ago and I thought it was awful.
Full of pushy cliquey mummies and loud, hearty dad's who are uber uber competitive. The same kids get picked for everything and the school is way too big

Koshka Thu 07-Jul-11 17:28:06

My DS is at Rossett Acre, I think it is excellent.
Really friendly and the staff are too

HarrogateMum Wed 10-Aug-11 08:50:38

spiderpig I am surprised that you thought it was awful. I admit there is a fair amount of yummy mummies in the playground but definitely not all of them! Koshka - I have lots of friends with kids at Rossett Acre and they all love it!

sbt2 Tue 13-Sep-11 19:59:29

Its difficult with catchment areas though to choose a school and get your choice. If oatlands is my nearest school would i have to go to the junior or somewhere else? Saw the ofstead for infant was excellent and not as good for junior..

knaresboroughlass Thu 29-Sep-11 11:51:45

Whereabouts in harrogate aqre you thinking of moving?
The only primary schools in harrogate I have heard negative things about recently are oatlands primary and woodfield primary. And that is not that they are bad schools, just that the children in question were not happy there.
I have much older children now but have friends with children in virtually every school in town and have lived here for 20 years smile
There are some schools which the yummy mummy brigade might shudder delicately at but are actually damn fine good, inclusive schools where children come out brimming with confidence. For example grove road used to be considered a no-no but is now outstanding (Ofsted) and very skilled at working with children with difficulties.
We are very fortunatde in harrogate - all the schools are better than the national average.

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