Any dentist recommendations in the Harrogate area?

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chocoholicchick Wed 23-Mar-11 21:46:43

we use North Park Dental practice which is NHS & near the cinema. Rebecca Miller seems to do a good job (tho how do you tell? - guess you know you've got a bad'un if it goes wrong?). She is lovely, great with kids & attractive so even hubby goes since discovering this - she is hitched & good taste so I don't mind. Last I asked their books were full but they have a sister practice in Ripon which was taking people on.

Brightgrey Mon 21-Mar-11 21:14:31

I've only recently moved to the area and am looking for a good dentist, as my last one seems to have botched a filling.

They don't have to be right in Harrogate as I'm about 20 mins outside anyway.

So, any recommendations?

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