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RebeccaS33 Sat 05-Feb-11 19:23:58

Netmums has a coffee morning every 2 weeks at each others houses. If you'd like 2 join, message me your email address and I will add u 2 the mailing list.

trice Sat 29-Jan-11 12:21:40

Also the netmums group is quite active in harrogate and a great way of making friends. Although I probably shouldn't say so on here wink.

trice Sat 29-Jan-11 12:14:10

Hi - I don't have toddlers myself but I didn't want to see your post go unanswered.

You could try storytime at the library. it is on friday afternoons.

Also the toy library is great fun as I remember from my own toddler days. There were always quite a number of only just preschool children there.

chashworth Sat 22-Jan-11 22:03:44


I am a mum of two (ds 3 and dd 10) and am wondering what everyone does about socialising with their toddlers. I have just changed work and now have my children at home more during the week and less nursery so am worried as we spend an awful lot of time at home!

I tried a toddler group last week but not sure it is really my thing and my ds didn't really engage as they were all a bit younger. I feel guilty as they go to nursery in Leeds so have no little friends in harrogate except cousins.


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