Hartlepool - Where can I take baby?

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Sooofee Mon 23-Aug-10 10:32:57

I've just moved to Hartlepool and will be expecting my first baby in October.
I'm looking for places to take baby (so I can meet new people and baby can have fun rather than being stuck in the house with me).
I've found some classes like baby massage in some of the Children's Centres around Hartlepool (I don't drive so I can't get into places like Middlesbrough, Stockton, Billingham etc with ease), but is there any other classes that I can take baby to with me?
I suppose I could always get a bus pass and travel into other places if there is no other option.

Any suggestions?

ShinyAndNew Mon 23-Aug-10 10:37:44

Oh Hello smile


Am all excited now. I can't help you much but I am all excited. Erm, it's been a while since I had a baby.

I can ask my sister for you she is a child minder and is always pregnant so she is up to date on new baby things to do.

The baby massage, is that the one in the Stranton Center? The woman who used to run that is my ex HV, she is lovely. She also afaik runs other mum and baby groups, so you can ask her.

The leisure centre runs mum and baby swimming sessions, but I am not sure when so you would have to ring them. And the local council has a handy book called "Under 8's in Hartlepool" if you pop in they will give a copy free. It lists all of the activities and groups available in there.

Linni84 Fri 03-Dec-10 08:18:38

Hi Sooofee!
Congratulation to your baby! I would like to know, did you find any programs for your baby in Hartlepool? My couple has worked in Hartlepool since one year. I live with my one year old boy in Hungary. Here are quite lot programs for babies. I think it's great thing for mums and babies too. So we are planing to visit our daddy in February. It there are any programs or club for babies in Hartlepool I would like to visit them with my little boy! Write me please! Thanks!

Sooofee Tue 15-Mar-11 10:53:00

Joined a baby massage class (5 wk course) and it was brill, the childrens centres are excellent and i dont know how people survived w/o them! Im at a weaning class atm (3 wk course) and have been to bouncing babies at rift house, b/f support group at rift house, but they have one at throston too, im going to go to babbling babies at rossmere and i have been to signing tots at throston, i will be going to prambles at chatham - an exercise program for mums with babies. they do baby music and yoga too but id have to get 2 busses cos they are at the headland and king ozzy and i live in seaton. thanks for your help i love going out with my baby to all these classes!

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