why is it so empty around here!!!

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sha27 Sat 13-Jun-09 15:19:32

hi, just found this part of mumsnet, just wondering where every1 is lol.

puffylovett Sat 13-Jun-09 15:38:24

Judging from this morning, out shopping in the Potteries !!!

Saggarmakersbottomknocker Sat 13-Jun-09 15:56:33

Not put off by MarkOne burning down then?

puffylovett Sat 13-Jun-09 17:18:08

ooh, when did that happen?

Ineedsomesleep Sat 20-Jun-09 20:17:49

Think everyone uses Netmums for local stuff. Their noticeboard for North Staffs is really buzzing.

Don't work for them or anything, just think their site is a lot better laid out than Mumsnet Local.

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