Anyone had problems parking at the new A&E?

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mummyTP2 Sat 01-Jun-13 07:51:49

Yeah I've had trouble parking there, when I've had to take my oldest because he's got asthma he's been up quite a few times, we've also had problems parking near maternity aswell, luckily my father in law took us up and he had to drop me off outside then go and park it was another 20 mins before they got me

buttonmoon78 Thu 14-Jun-12 23:48:50

I had to walk for at least 100 miles which might be a very slight exaggeration with a suspected broken foot. Twas agony!

I also had to pay £2 for ds to be poisoned with apple (its nasty stuff I tell you!) during a food challenge yesterday. I'm averaging £10 a month on charges at the moment which although must be nothing compared to what some pay but seems a lot to me.

ParsleyTheLioness Sun 03-Jun-12 16:34:35

I wouldn't hold your breath, unfortunately...there is a facebook page dedicated to banishing hospital parking charges altogether, but so far has not achieved this.

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 18-Apr-12 09:52:10

Went there yesterday with my DD. Absolutely can't fault the staff and the way they treated DD, they were great and we were in and out in less than an hour.

The parking is a different matter though. Really don't think it's reasonable to have to pay £3 to park half a mile away from A&E when your child is injured and in need of attention.

Anyone know if they are planning to improve the parking anytime soon?

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