is largs nice place to live?

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user1479647272 Mon 21-Nov-16 13:45:44

So did it work? Happily settled in?

Nice places to eat - The Rowan Tree on the Ardrosssan Road, Bosns Table at the marina.

Minus273 Sat 29-Oct-11 22:56:43

There is a soft play at Vikingar, I'm sure there are toddler groups. Plenty of outside play parks.

Cazzy74 Sat 29-Oct-11 22:51:11

just moving from there toddler groups, soft play areas etc?

Canella Sat 29-Oct-11 18:23:51

You'll be able to go to Millport as often as you like (it's a trip down memory lane for me - was our childhood holiday destination!). Oh and the ice cream in Nardinis is shockingly expensive!

Know nothing else about Largs! Sorry!

Minus273 Sat 29-Oct-11 18:02:05

Where are you moving from? The schools have a fantastic reputation.

There is a higher than average elderly population and it gets busy on nice days but overall its lovely.

Cazzy74 Sat 29-Oct-11 16:37:29

hey my family and i are moving to largs soon...what's it like?

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