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Lovinmybois Tue 14-Sep-10 21:12:26

Hey ho, we're in the same town! I had my little boy this may... You prob know me? I'm a cleaner at the college. Ha ha x

bronze Mon 19-Apr-10 20:23:48

both here too
but never going to be grin

there are a few of us around but I dont think any are pregnant

GiraffeAHolic Mon 19-Apr-10 20:20:05

Both!! grin

missnicely Mon 19-Apr-10 07:09:48

wanting to be pregnant? or been pregnant?!smile

GiraffeAHolic Thu 15-Apr-10 19:32:19

hi, didn't want to leave your post unanswered. I'm in the Fakenham area but not pregnant

missnicely Mon 05-Apr-10 17:39:01

Hi there, Anyone around the Fakenham area due in October 2010???

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