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jelly2 Sun 17-Jan-10 10:21:49

I tried to put this up in the listings - but for some reason it did not appear. In fact there do not appear to be any listings for North Norfolk which seems a little odd because I am sure there were some a couple of weeks ago.

Baby and toddler interactive music classes, there are both baby classes and mixed age classes. Run by Lorna Becker for PRESMA.

Wow - these classes are great I cannot praise them highly enough. I began taking my little girl to the baby class and have now moved up to the mixed class. We have been to many classes in both London and Norfolk and these are by far the best thing that we have been to. Head and shoulders above the rest.

Why are they so good? No cds to start with and very cleverly structured to enable the children to learn through interactive play. Even the babies are introduced to simple instruments though sound, sight and touch. Lots of different types of stimulation in each session, not just music but language, touch and movement. There are lots of props (including fab puppets) to keep the kids interested. Each session is slghtly different to aid development but has sufficient familiarity to engage the children. Finally, Lorna clearly loves what she does, has a great singing voice and is genuienly interested in each child. I am so glad I found this class, my little girl adores it - even when tired and teething!

Classes take place at the Friends Hall on Cremer Street in Sheringham on a Friday. 9.30 for babies, 10.30 for mixed, 11.30 for mixed and 1.20 for mixed. More info see the PRESMA website

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