ummmm....I think I ran into one of you in Massingham surgery this morning!!

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4andnotout Fri 27-Nov-09 19:58:16

I remember you now

GiraffeAHolic Fri 27-Nov-09 19:46:29

No they were so well behaved

I was sitting opposite you, I didn't have dd with me (although she'd been up all night so I did have massive bags under my eyes!)

I figured it must be you

4andnotout Fri 27-Nov-09 19:34:33

Yes that was me after dd2 took a dive on the way to school shock
Phew I'm just glad they were behaving and I didn't look like monster mum! Will be wracking my brains now trying to work out which one you were grin

GiraffeAHolic Fri 27-Nov-09 19:31:10

4andnotout I think we bumped into each other this morning blush

There was a lady in Massingham surgery with 3 gorgeous little girls, one of whom definately shared a name with one of yours

It's only just clicked where I had heard the name before (on your profile page)

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