Considering a move to north norfolk from London, very nervous, any advice?!

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chrissiejames Wed 23-Apr-08 16:08:32

HI there
We are thinking of moving permanently to a village near Wells from London. We know the area well, as we have been visiting for a few years. BUT I am really nervous about feeling isolated, missing the buzz of London life etc. Do any of you have any advice? Has anyone here done a similar move? I am hoping it is fairly easy to meet new people through the kids (ours are 3 and 4)...
Thanks for any help.

sugr Tue 29-Apr-08 08:59:05

Moved to Norfolk two years ago from London and it is the best thing we ever did!

We have found everyone very friendly....if you make an effort! Send DH down the pub to meet people, talk to everyone and don't rush things. I have just come back from a walk with the dogs on the marshes and can't believe that I live where other people holiday.

North Norfolk has got fantastic restaurants as there is a lot of money around, if anything we go out more (in a different way) than in London.

BlaDeBla Tue 29-Apr-08 13:03:13

We left London 6 months ago and frankly don't miss it at all. Most of our lives in London was do do with children and dogs and horses, and very little to do with culture! I found London too big and smelly and dirty.

There's quite a lot to do up here and we have been meeting nice people. Wells is lovely, isn't it.

nidster Wed 27-Mar-13 20:35:31

Left city life 13 years ago, pre-kids. It was a culture adjustment to be honest for a while, but once we got into the pace of life was a great move. Now we have a kid it couldn't be a better quality of life in comparison. Sea and country a few miles apart. I now struggle to 'speed up' to city life!

Good luck to you...follow your heart on this one!

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