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star3011 Mon 08-Oct-07 18:56:39

Hi all, I would be very grateful for your help. I have a nearly 5 year old boy, Oscar, and a 4 month old girl, Katherine, and we currently live in Berlin. We will be re-locating to Norwich in February 08. We lived in London before moving to Berlin, and we don't know Norwich at all. Could you recommend family-friendly areas in the West and South of Norwich, and also any (state) schools in those areas for Oscar? He is still at nursery in Berlin because German children start school much later than in the UK! Also, any other tips about life in Norwich would be very much appreciated. Look forward to hearing from you. Liz x

PillockInThePumpkin Mon 08-Oct-07 18:59:21

I'm in Suffolk, about 50mins from Norwich smile
KatyMac is near Norwich, and ProfYaffle is Mumsnet Tsarina for North Suffolk so closer than me. Will send anyone I find over this way, but I know there are still not many people registered on the local site yet, so maybe post on the main Chat board too?

Hassled Thu 11-Oct-07 21:03:19

Sorry - am one of the Tsarinas for Norwich but am not a very efficient one blush. I moved to Norwich 15 years ago and love it - it's a (mostly) pretty city with good shopping, much more culture these days (3 theatres, an independent cinema, concerts at the University etc) and a castle that all 5 year old boys love. It's not what one would call a multi-cultural city, but that's gradually changing and I think the locals are much more accepting of newcomers - because it's a relatively hard place to get to, and no-one's ever just passing through, over the years it was quite an isolated place and Norwich folk very much kept themselves to themselves. That has changed thankfully.

In the 15 years I've been here I've only lived in one area and am ill-equipped to give you advice about the others - but if you want to give me possible street names (if you're looking for properties) I will see what I can do. I live in the Unthank Rd/Earlham Rd area (South West), known in Norwich as the "Golden Triangle" - packed full of teachers, doctors, university staff etc. It's seen as a desirable area and is great, but property prices are ridiculously high. The schools in the Golden Triangle are all good. For your son, the catchment schools around here would be Recreation Road Infant School (newly created out of 2 existing excellent First Schools), Colman Infant School (also good) and Nelson Infants (I know nothing about it).
Hope that helps - keep the questions coming!

cupcakes Thu 11-Oct-07 21:09:48

I was in Norwich today - it is a lovely city. Much the nicest of cities of equivalent size in my opinion. grin

Although The Golden Triangle is one of the priciest areas of Norwich it is definitely one of the nicest and not that expensive if you compare it to other cities.

South of Norwich the area around Eaton and Cringleford is very nice and family friendly with good schools.

star3011 Wed 24-Oct-07 11:22:08

Thanks so much for your responses, and apologies for not getting back to you sooner. We were away. You've been really helpful. It looks like the golden triangle will suit us, and will work well with where my husband needs to get to work. So we're going to start contacting estate agents and looking round there. If anyone knows of someone who wants to rent out an unfurnished 3 - 4 bedroom house in that area from Feb 08, then let me know! I'll keep you posted. Liz x

hellobellosback Wed 21-Nov-07 10:40:39

We've just moved to Hoveton, 8m NE of Norwich. We're supposed to be in Tallinn but I got ill.

I think Norwich is great for families and very young people. The university is good.

I loathed living here in my 20s, but that is some time ago now, and perhaps it's time to have another look. I found finding a nursery school here for dd infinitely easier than it would have been in London, and so far everyone has been very kind, although really I've only seen anything much of the glories of the Norfolk & NOrwich hospital.

psychologist Thu 10-Jan-08 20:58:04

Are you still moving to norwich and have you found anywhere to rent yet?

lindademilo Tue 01-Apr-08 13:25:57

Hi there,

I very new to Norwich having moved from Hong Kong in December.Im 9 miles west of Norwich .Norwich is a lovely city and relatively safe for families and kids.My son has started a montessouri school in the village and there seem to be many others in the vicinity.Reepham schools seem to have a very good reputationThe only thing is I have no idea where to look for toddler groups!In uk it seems to be differently set up;does anyone know any in Norwich area?Or is anyone interested in meeting up with toddlers to do things in Norwich area?My partner is a pilot and never here?

jessiejane Tue 01-Apr-08 22:14:42

your health visitor should be able to tell you where to find a local toddler group - they are usually in village halls or church halls. music groups like PRESMA or swimming classes like Merbabies might be good too. Or the NCT can put you in touch with the West Norwich baby and toddler group. Good luck!

landj Wed 02-Apr-08 16:04:14

I used to live in Reepham, the toddler group used to be in the town hall on the big playing field, I think on a Wednesday morning? I now live down the road a bit in Taverham. Lovely toddler group on a Thursday pm 1 till 2.30pm. Taverham Village Hall, Sandy Lane.

mrsleroyjethrogibbs Thu 03-Apr-08 21:12:11

oh and can i chime in. I am cawston and we have a toddler group there which we all help with.
Lindademilo are you talking about the attlebridge montessori? if so my dd went there and my ds is going to go there.
you can contact me at

Aliv Sat 02-Aug-08 21:08:04

Hi everyone, my husband is possibly being relocated to North Walsham. I've been a working mum in London for the last 10 years and have children aged 4 and 4 months. We're thinking of either living in Norwich (so my husband will commute and I can possibly come into London if needs be) or more rurally. Other than the Golden Triangle - which other areas are family friendly, with good schools, housing etc? I realise this is a tall order, but having only visited Norfolk a couple of times, I have no idea where to start! We will be visiting to have a good look round, but again, any advice welcome. Many thanks ;)

KatyMac Sat 02-Aug-08 21:09:19

North Walsham is lovely, a really nice town

Pannacotta Sat 02-Aug-08 21:20:28

Aliv I live in the Golden Triangle and think its a good place to live with small DCs (my DSs are 3 and 1).
It's convenient for town and the station as well as schools, though the train links to London are not great.
I don't know North Walsham, but it is a nice part of Norfolk and not too far from the city, there is some lovely countryside around there, but no idea about schools.

ImogenLees Mon 04-Aug-08 10:07:19


Just moved to the Golden Triangle (I think -- just behind Unthank Rd anyway). My daughter has just turned nine months and I'm keen to find baby/toddler groups but am I right in thinking a lot of stuff shuts up shop in the school holidays? The West Norwich baby and toddler group that someone mentioned earlier sounds interesting...

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