Norfolk and Norwich MSLC - Feedback on Local Maternity Services

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sherry4283 Mon 04-Jul-16 20:44:43


I hope it's OK to post here. I've recently taken over the administration side of the Maternity Services Liaison Committee (MSLC) for the Norfolk and Norwich hospital.

This is an independent advisory group to the NNUH made up of service users, representatives and also healthcare professionals working together to try and improve maternity services locally.

In order to do this, we are always looking to hear from recent users who would like to provide feedback regarding the service.

Our email address is and we do have a survey if you would prefer, or you can do both!

In addition, we do have regular meetings if you'd like to join us to help improve the service.

Many thanks for your help

sherry4283 Mon 04-Jul-16 20:46:10

We do also have a Facebook page and twitter account

MatriarchalDictatorship Mon 04-Jul-16 21:16:01

How recent is recent?

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