Hethersett old hall school - Norwich High school for girls? Any reviews/exp?

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susieb19 Tue 16-Feb-16 12:32:25

Considering both of these schools. Does anyone have any experience of either and how did you select which one?
thinking of entry y4 and y5

Margot46 Thu 18-Feb-16 08:26:46

I have a child that's been at Hethersett Old Hall School (HOHS) from yr3 and is now at yr6 and my daughter plans to start the school next year.
Both schools are very highly recommend however for our needs HOHS had the edge.
Small class sizes, teaching to ability not one structure for the year. Interaction with all children through the school from nursery to 6th form. The ability to try many new experiences, sports and interests. Great after school clubs and prep (homework) group with someone to assist their learning. Great catering and onsite staff. Family feel and girls can board overnight (after a certain age) if ever the need arises.
The teaching staff are very accessible and the parents are also very involved in their children's education.
My child has been extremely happy at the school and thrived in the smaller environment in which he has thrived and truly grown into a lovely young man.
I know HOHS has its open morning on Saturday 5th March in which you can see the school with the children in their classes. You also get a tour of the school by school pupils, which I think is a very good indication of the school and a chance to get their views too.
I hope this has been if some use.

susieb19 Thu 18-Feb-16 09:02:25

Margot - thank you so very much for replying. I have been tying myself up in knots over this!
It is so good to read what you have written. I actually went to hohs myself and am worried I have rose tinted glasses about it. I am going to the open day, which will be quite strange for me! But am also excited to see it.

When I was at hohs, Norwich high had a fearsome reputation and I think that has stuck with me. I want my girls to love school and to be pushed to their maximum but not at any cost.

Hohs has 180ish pupils vs 800ish at Norwich.
The very small class sizes in yr3-6 are the only thing that niggle me a bit. But only because of what I have read about too small class is as bad as too large. The school says they often put two class years together. But you have found there is enough variety etc in subjects covered and mix of children etc?
My girls are currently at a good Catholic primary and are doing well (in that they seem happy)...but...my eldest (y 4) is in a class of 34 and my youngest (y3) has 32 in her class (with an NQT). I see this as a real negative with only one teacher and so many kids. With the best will in the world how can they possibly keep an eye on every child's development. My eldest is bright and learns quickly. My youngest is bright too but not as confident. I am becoming THAT annoying parent - on at the school with my concerns - but I feel I have to.

Margot46 Thu 18-Feb-16 19:29:47

Hi Susie
Glad it was of done help.
It is such a hard decision I know. I am now going through it all again for my youngest daughter. We were not going to move her until year 3 (to keep both children's schooling the same) but because of similar reasons to your own, we are now looking for a private school place for this September.
Class sizes are a major issue in my decision too. My son has had s class size of 9-13 children over his 4 years and this has worked very well (even though he is only 1 of 3 boys), the class has enough varied personalities to work and enough children to allow good lessons and varied learning in all subjects. I have been concerned about smaller class sizes than his but I know (from him) that smaller year groups do join together for many subjects to allow this to still benefit both years.
I will be attending the Open Morning as a perspective new parent to see if HOHS Y2 will be the right fit for my daughter, as it was for my son. However I know large classes will not benefit her as she lacks confidence in large groups.
What a headache choosing the right school is!
I wish you all the best in whatever decision you make.
And maybe we will bump into one another over coffee on the open morning.

susieb19 Fri 19-Feb-16 16:52:05

It totally is a headache!!! What will swing it for you regarding your daughter?
Be great to compare notes after the open day!

Tobiekins08 Wed 15-Jun-16 16:36:18

Our 13 yr daughter went to HOHS and we didn't think much of it for many reasons, ( this was a few hrs ago ) her best buddy got bullied badly by a little boy who they refused to deal with and this continued so we started her at NHS and she has thrived there it's a truly wonderful learning environment and we can't recommend it highly enough, good luck!!
Town close is awesome too our 7 yr old son attends having left strettons which by all accounts was awful!

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