UEA Psychology Dept need new parents' views for a study about the emotional transition into parenthood. Can you help?

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LocalEditorNorfolk Fri 22-Jan-16 12:53:11

The Psychology department of the University of East Anglia are looking for volunteers to participate in an exciting new research project investigating the emotional journey into parenthood- THIS COULD BE YOU!

Are you:

A new first-time parent of a child 12 months old or younger.
Of any occupation, age or ethnicity.
You experienced a relatively low-risk pregnancy and birth.

This research explores the transition to parenthood after relatively low risk pregnancies. We appreciate becoming a parent can be particularly challenging sometimes. If you have recently experienced a close family bereavement, had a high risk pregnancy, gave birth to twins or multiples, had a traumatic birth or other complications which would mean discussing your journey to parenthood would be overly distressing, please do not volunteer.

‘The Emotional Transition into Parenthood.’

This study aims to explore the emotional journey that new parents encounter when moving into their new role as a parent. By listening to voices of parents themselves, this study aims to explore this journey to determine what factors create particular moments of ease or distress for parents during this emotional time. By exploring this journey, the study aims to create a greater understanding of the transition into parenthood that incorporates your voice, to create the most positive transitions possible for all future parents. Therefore you have been asked to express your own journey into parenthood.

If you are interested in participating in this short study, please contact Jess Johnson directly as soon as possible via email (jess.johnson@uea.ac.uk).

Message from the Researcher:

Firstly, congratulations to you all on your wonderful little ones! My name is Jessica Johnson and I am a third year psychology student at the University of East Anglia. I appreciate that becoming a parent can be a difficult journey and therefore by listening to the voices of parents themselves, this research aims to get a better understanding of what this journey is truly like to promote positive transitions for all new parents.

Therefore, I am asking for your kindness to participate in a short 20 minute interview with me to discuss becoming a parent and how you found it. This would be at a time and place of your convenience where you feel safe to talk. Although there is no payment or direct benefit to yourselves, your participation would be extremely helpful! Also your confidentially and anonymity will be ensured throughout. This study has been ethically approved by the University’s ethics committee.Thank you for your time and consideration, your participation in this study would be invaluable to the research programme and would be greatly appreciated.

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