Best Norwich state schools?

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H0neyBee Wed 22-Jul-15 14:47:00

I'm planning to move back to Norwich in the next year, after having been away for nearly 20 years, so my local knowledge is rather out of date! My little girl will be applying to first schools in Autumn 2016 and it would be great to hear recommendations of the best schools now. I was actually thinking of looking at high schools first and working back to the linked first schools, so do tell me the best highs - it used to be CNS when I lived locally, but I hear that's not as strong now? Location-wise, my parents live in north Norwich, my husband will be commuting by train initially (but hopefully not for long, so that's not the key consideration), and I'll be looking for jobs around UEA/the science park - so lots of possible areas to live in. Thanks very much! star

H0neyBee Mon 27-Jul-15 23:13:13


LocalEditorNorfolk Tue 28-Jul-15 15:20:34

Hi HoneyBee - sorry you have not had any replies yet! We will put a call out on Twitter for you about this question, and see if you get any recommendations. smile

Misty9 Sun 13-Sep-15 20:44:38

Hi there, my little boy will also be starting school next year but we already bought a house so have less choice in the matter! There are no state secondary schools in Norwich now as they are all academies run by private organisations. So i would probably look at which primary school you like, especially as so much can happen to a school's reputation in a few years.

I know recreation road is highly regarded, but you'll pay up to 30% more to live in catchment, and that's not even guaranteed. North city has some great schools but doesn't have the same vibe as golden triangle area. Colman road is also rated. It's worth looking at villages around the city.

Good luck smile

Nored Sun 10-Jul-16 20:38:46

If you go by Ofsted gradings and results, it would have to be Thorpe St Andrew High School (Just become an academy)

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