Changing nappies.....Changing habits.....

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LocalEditorNorfolk Wed 22-Jul-15 10:20:27

Nothing can beat the feeling of holding your little bundle of joy in your arms.
Oh, hang on...time for a nappy change!

Believe it or not, by the time your baby reaches two, you’ll have got through an average of 4,300 nappies and more than 17,000 wipes! That’s a lot of nose pinching with one hand whilst trying to attach those little sticky fasteners with the other...

And, if you dispose of baby’s nappies and wipes by flushing them down the toilet...a lot of blocked pipes too. Anglian Water’s Keep It Clear customer awareness programme teamed up with the TV commercial production company JMS, based in Norwich, to produce a 60-second ‘infomercial’ targeted at parents-to-be. The message? To dispose of nappies and wipes correctly in the bin, rather than flushing them down the loo.

“Keep It Clear” is being shown on Baby TV, the internal network within hospital neo-natal departments, to build awareness of non-flushable waste clogging pipes which can lead to sewer flooding, pollution and even more bad smells than your newborn. Please see the link here to the film.

The ad also extends the animated Anglian Water family, created initially for sponsorship of ITV regional weather forecasts, with baby Jack joining Mum and seven year old Daisy as they promote looking after your sink and loo.

Collette Parker, Anglian Water’s Keep it Clear Customer Engagement Manager, said: “A lot of new parents don’t realise it is not OK to flush wipes. The packaging can be confusing and the perception may be that the best place for used wipes is down the loo.

“Our commercial offers us the perfect opportunity to reach new parents and let them know that unflushables can create blockages that can result in flooding of people’s homes and streets, as well as pollution, causing a huge amount of misery and devastating wildlife if this gets into rivers and watercourses.”

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