Mum of twins looking for friends

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notretod Tue 16-Apr-13 18:39:39

I run a really friendly and happy mum and toddler group, All Smiles, - and I'd love you to come along and join in the fun we have. I always have table top activities, which should be easily accessible for your twins, and would be glad to have a chat about how else we could share great times. Details are on the listing page for baby and toddler groups - I know we're the other side of the city, but it would be great to see you! You could make some new friends, and have a good old chat and a laugh. Hope to see you/hear from you.

sammisatt Fri 22-Mar-13 10:19:01

I'ma mum of twin toddlers and its knackering isn't it and it must be especially hard if yours are in wheelchairs. You should may be post this in the multiples section. I think there's a local section on the Tamba website too. X

Twinmumof2 Fri 22-Mar-13 10:01:31

I'm mum to 3 year old twins who are both wheelchair users. Life has been a bit tough recently and I've managed to get myself quite isolated. I'm quite shy but I think sitting around feeling sorry for myself isn't the answer. I live in the Thorpe St Andrew area and i am hoping that there are other mums nearby I can make contact with.

Thank you

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