Baby sessions in Norwich (pick your brains please!)

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growingbeans Tue 21-Aug-12 22:08:42

Hi everyone

I am new to Mumsnet and i am currently at home with my 6 month old baby boy. I was wondering if i could pick your brains around an idea i have had an would appreciate any comments you are able to offer. :-)

I am a qualified nurse and have a specialism in the area of learning disabilities, typical and atypical child development, a diploma in infant massage, a qualification in sign along and baby sign language and a PTTLS in adult training.

I am looking to put these to good use and run some baby groups including music and movement, signing and massage and i was wondering if you felt that this was:

a) something you would attend
b) how much you would pay per session
c) what areas of Norfolk is best to run sessions in

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post, i appreciate any feedback you can give me.

(If the moderators feel this is in the wrong place or if i have broken any rules please let me know as i am a first time forum user!)

MeconiumHappens Sat 25-Aug-12 19:19:40

I would say norwich area is central so will bring you the most traffic. Or perhaps pick a town n all four directions outside on norwich if u want to be more accessible.
Its something i would be interested in, so im sure others would too. Lots of babies love music/movement but the sessions are often more toddler orientated.
I would say costs depend on type of class/length/number of participants. If it was a group of 6 id expect to pay more, maybe £6/hr, bigger group maybe £3 session. Although some of the tiny talk clsses are as little as £1 a session so wuld have to be offering something different to this. Also, the venue/parking counts- if i had to pay £2 to park it would make the session expensive.

Funhun1 Sun 17-Feb-13 00:21:47

Hi I run a community group in the nr5 area of norwich would you consider doing a work shop with our volunteers - I am perticually interested in the sign language

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