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snowsuit Thu 09-Aug-12 22:25:51

we currently live off unthank road and are desperately looking for a rental house for when our lease runs out on this one as the landlord wants to move back into it. it was brutal finding this house in the first place (we were living in london and had to make so many trips up here, only to be told that the houses we were viewing had already gone) and i thought this time would be easier.. but it's the same story. we found a lovely place last week, i took time off work to look at it, we all liked it, we said we wanted it - and the estate agent admitted that the people who viewed it before us had already applied for it. UGH! anyway, i'm thinking that trying to find a private rental is the way to go, so if anyone knows of anything, i would be really grateful. it's me, dh and dd (3). i work full time for a well-known company as a content editor and dh is going to be studying creative writing at uea. any help is gratefully appreciated smile

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