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glamourcats Thu 26-Jul-12 01:03:17

Hi I have fairly recently moved to the NR2 area of Norwich (near dereham road) and am looking to meet up with other mums and hopefully make some new friends. I have a nearly 3 yr old son and a 7 month old son. I don't drive but don't mind using public transport to meet. Hope to hear from someone soon!! smile

cheekypickle Thu 26-Jul-12 21:12:07

Hey! I'm In the Nr2 area also. Just off Unthank road. My DD is 11months old. Do you fancy meeting up for walks, play dates and swimming?

glamourcats Sat 28-Jul-12 01:34:29

Hi cheekypickle thanks for the reply. Yes would love to meet up for playdates etc. I'm quite new to mumsnet so not sure how to go about organising a meet up confused x

cheekypickle Wed 01-Aug-12 14:57:06

I have no idea. My email address is cheekypickle@hotmail.com

Drop me a line and we can meet!

snowsuit Sat 11-Aug-12 21:20:12

i am in nr2, just off unthank road. my dd is 3 and loves playdates. i work during the week but would be free to meet up on the weekend.

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