lakenham mummies.

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bina88 Wed 23-May-12 08:47:24

Hi I'm 24 and have a daughter thats nearly 9 months. We live in new lakenham and looking for mummies and babies local to us.

allyackles Sat 26-May-12 20:21:27

Hi I'm 30 and live in Lakenham too. I have a son who turns 2 in July. I would love to meet up for a playdate or cofffee sometime.

maplekind Sun 27-May-12 20:36:45

Hi I live near allyackles who is my friend (its my care in the community good deed!) and we were wondering if you would like to meet us together? We hang out in the city or at each others houses often so you're more than welcome to join us. Would be lovely to hear form you XX

bina88 Tue 29-May-12 22:50:18

Hi ladies, that would be lovely. I'm on facebook which maybe easier to arrange meeting as I don't get notifications on here. I'll pm you my facebook details x hope to hear from you.

allyackles Wed 30-May-12 19:07:58

Hi I have just pm'd you just to say I have sent you a facebook request. maplekind is not on facebook but we can arrange a meet through me x

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