thorpe st .andrew and Trowse areas

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shuffleballchange Sun 20-May-12 20:30:39

Hi, I have lived in Norwich all my life. We have recently moved from north of the city centre to the Hellesdon area. We love it in Norwich, you can be at the coast in 30 mins or London in under 2 hours. The shops are great and lots of fab buskers too! Our local school is amazing, ds1 has improved so much since we moved in Sept. Trowse school is excellent, my mum works there! Whitlingham Countrypark is within walking distance, as is Riverside shopping/leisure complex and the city centre

DawnyP Wed 09-May-12 13:36:33

Hiya we live in Beccles about 25 mins south of Norwich. Have lived here nearly a year and really like it. Norwich is a lovely city with lots going on for kids and great shops. You have beautiful coast on your doorstep to explore and you can be in London in a couple of hours if you need to be. The pace of life is much slower but I have got used to that now and it suits us fine. I do miss ikea and costco shops like that but I don't miss the huste and bustle and big motorway jams I am quite happy with my sleepy A roads!!

pandy123 Mon 07-May-12 13:55:59

hi hubby has just started new job in Norwich, anybody from these areas? what are the schools like? facilities in the area, etc and really is it a nice place to live? would really love to hear from anybody, would really help. ta.

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