help!! DH new job in Norwich need info.

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pandy123 Sat 05-May-12 23:03:50

hi, really hope someone out there can help.Hubbie has new job in norwich, had to take it really, and we are in london, and think best for the family if we re-located.. we have two children, 9 and 5.
Please could anyone let us know where is nice to live? have looked at wymondham area etc, what is Thorpe st Andrew like, and Trowse area? we live near a good high st, etc and really dont think anywhere too rural would suit us, could be wrong! also schools, any hints on good primarys? if we would get places, also any info on private ones too, but doubt we could afford it! just worried if cant get spaces. have heard of langley prep(thorpe), and hethersett old hall school, (which is mostly girls?) and state trowse, poringland,stoke holy cross, blofield good?? worried if did go private we wouldnt get to know the community as much, if in village school we would?
really would like somewhere to live thats friendly, and things to do, etc, and who wouldnt mind towny londoners!!
would really appreciate any help, as spend too long on pooter loooking!!

BorisJohnsonsHair Sat 05-May-12 23:08:53

Welcome to Norwich! I live north of the city, so can't offer much in the way of advice regarding primary schools. I do know that Wymondham High is supposed to be good, and Wymondham College is exceptional; it's a state boarding school, but is selective. A good choice if you're living in that area. You might find the Eaton or Cringleford areas of the city are good for you, or maybe even further into Norwich itself if you're looking for more of an urban feel. It's a lovely city and always feels very safe.

Message me if I can be of any help in other areas and I'll do my best to help. I have a 9 yr old too.

pandy123 Sat 05-May-12 23:16:01

hi how lovely a message so quick!!! new to all this so fab! we really like the look of wymondham college, but didnt think selective if boarding? sorry if wrong. heard its easier if you board, and if we can afford it!
yes have heard of eaton and cringleford. coming up soon to check out the area. hubby renting room with nice family, thought better option so he is not too lonely!! poor chap!
very sad when /if we do move but i suppose life springs these things on you!
ta so much!
p.s have heard nice things about norwich

LivingInABubble Sun 10-Jun-12 19:03:27

I seem to be following you round sites! Currently live in Wymondham, have lived in Thorpe and in lots of places in and about Norwich. Blofield and Trowse both lovely schools, don't know about the other state schools you mention.

Once again, feel free to message me if I can help.

WymM Wed 13-Jun-12 09:58:23

Hi, I live in Wymondham, have two children. Middle school is lovely, fairly large but well run. High on the other hand is a violent and badly organised place. Would not recommend to anyone.

morleylass Tue 10-Jul-12 20:57:49

Hi, I only know about wymondham and surrounding area, I think all Wym schools are good and most primary schools in surrounding area. Wymondham High is a very good school and the Principal was the old Principal from Wymondham College, was headhunted for the post and is very good. My ds goes to Wymondham college, it is not selective for day pupils but is hard to get into although there do seem to be certain routes in - we live very close. Good luck with your search!

mooncoin Sat 11-May-13 11:32:56

Welcome to Norfolk .... all of the areas you are looking at are very good . we live in Hethersett , 5 miles from Wymondham , terrific first school , Woodside , great community .... junior school good too , my girls are pupils at Notre Dame High school ,in the centre of Norwich , there is a park and ride service from Hethersett , which is excellent too.
Norfolk is great , coast near by , Norwich great all together .
You will have lots to look forward to .
I have lived here 15 years , would not want to move to another county , though my own family are in Yorkshire / Derbyshire and Waterford , Ireland , which i love to visit , always delighted to be back here.
Good Luck with everything .

fruitella1 Mon 13-May-13 07:09:44

Cringleford primary is supposed to be great (I don't have children but live there). They have a new site opening next term and the building is looking really fab.

In terms of nice places to live, all the places you mentioned are lovely, and Eaton/Cringleford too. Cringleford is a bit divided between the old and new parts of the village - both are nice to live in and have thriving communities. The old part has much bigger houses, more space, but more retired / aging community. The new village is a bit cramped (typical new builds too close together, parking issues) but has a really good vibe, everyone is up for getting to know each other and there are several community groups getting started (Google for the Roundhouse Park Ning website to get an idea of things going on).

Norwich is great all round, I get so annoyed with people saying it's a backwater/inbred etc - yes it's a little slower pace of life but it has so much to offer, you will love it!

fruitella1 Mon 13-May-13 07:11:03

Oh just realised this thread is a year old!!

matmarnic Thu 30-May-13 12:16:00

just thought i would add to the discussion in support of wymondham! i moved to wymondham a year ago from portugal and my kids adaptation has been phenomenal. my youngest (10 and 8) are at Robert Kett Junior school and were comfortable there from day 1.they have received all the support as their english was not brilliant and the kids in their year welcomed them with open arms.any issues i have , i know the head teacher is always available to help (as well as the teachers of course).my oldest son is at Wymondham high and he has adapted just as well.Wymondham high has one of the best reputations on offsted in terms of education.
whatever you decide to settle i wish you the best of luck.

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