Hello! New to Fakenham!

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bronze Sun 25-Mar-12 11:31:51

or recommend

bronze Sun 25-Mar-12 11:21:16

I can recccomend little owls In Rudham though of course it's a bit outside Fakenham.

GiraffeAHolic Mon 19-Mar-12 15:43:03

Hi, I'm about 10 miles from fakenham but have family there. There are a few of us about.

Im sure there's a children's group at the library (used to be on a Tuesday but may have changed).

There's a Children's Centre on Norwich Road, they do messy mornings etc and should be able to tell you about local groups.

There's SoftPlay (megafun) at the bowling place in Fakenham.

Hope you manage to settle in ok smile

StellaAndFries Sun 18-Mar-12 20:00:53

Hi Claire welcome to Norfolk, I don't live in Fakenham personally, I live in a small village about 10 miles away but some of my friends used to use the baby/toddler group in the salvation army hall opposite Tesco's and they always recommended it.

OhThisIsJustGrape Sun 18-Mar-12 19:50:45

Hi, welcome to Norfolk! I'm about 10 miles away from you, can recommend a good baby and toddler group near me. Do you drive?

maceyandroseysmummy Sun 18-Mar-12 19:48:40

Hi, i have moved from Oxfordshire to Fakenham 2 weeks ago, My husband was in the RAF but he is now out as has a new job in Norfolk. I have 2 little girlies, Macey - 3 1/2 and Rosey - 8 months. As i have came from a very close community with everyone in the same position of not knowing everyone, it seemed to be very easy to make friends. I went to lots of toddler groups and knew a lot of people in a the 2 years i was there! My hubby is now away on a course for 7 weeks, and im finding it quite hard to make friends, I cant seem to find any toddler and baby groups, they all seem to be either baby, or toddler groups! I dont know the area very well either, wondered if anyone else is in the same situation?! My little girl did go to Monkey Business gymnastics on saturday and she seemed to enjoy that! Ive also had a look at Mumsnet/netmums meet-ups but dont see any in Fakenham! I also feel it is kinda in the middle of nowhere! Heehee! Sure i will enjoy it eventually, but not really got the feeling for it yet! :-) Claire xx

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