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thesoulfoman Sat 14-Jan-12 08:27:00

Seriously considering as a summer holiday. Is this a silly idea? I know it's seaside touristy but get the sense it's not too tacky, is this true? We are used to totally unspoilt welsh beaches but fancy a change. Will we be like sardines in August? We have a dog so need to go to the dogs allowed zone. TIA

mebythesea Wed 25-Jan-12 16:19:53

it depends what ou want ... hunstanton is quite tacky in the sence of arcade games, fish n chips, lots of flesh on show.... but does have nice sealife centre also very good for wind/ kite surfing.

i would go to wells which is 10 miles along the coast a bit more old fishing village, great beach, also near holkham beach, dogs allowed everywhere nicer independant shops... happy holidays!

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