We will be moving Norfolk (nearish to Aylsham) after Christmas with a 4 year old DD

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EightPairsOfHands Wed 21-Mar-12 08:00:32

Colby has a really good reputation locally and I know the deputy there as a personal friend.

The setting is quite rural but only a couple of miles from Aylsham and North Walsham (where I live). If you are looking for houses, don't overlook North Walsham as you will get more for your money there and the town is most definitely on the up. I have lived here for 10 years after moving in from a village. As the DCs have got older, I found having the train station an absolute boon as they are able to do so much more without me being the taxi. (DCs are now 21,20,14,12,10 and 8).

Many friends of mine in NW have their kids at Colby but there is also a great school at Swanton Abbot (where my best mate works as a class teacher - wife of deputy at Colby). Again it is rural but has a great vibe - lots of nature stuff and pets. Colby has an aviary stocked with amazing birds supplied by Geoff Capes (former GB shot-putter).

Are you moving from far away? (I moved up from the South-East) Drop me a line if you need any other info.

ragged Thu 01-Mar-12 13:04:50

I was going to suggest Colby, but OP last posted 4 months ago. smile

bronze Mon 13-Feb-12 15:09:05

Reepham is very good, we were looking at Aylsham at one point so the school must have been reasonable.
Reepham high is very good too so if you manage to stay within that catchment you would have done well

ADealingMummy Sun 13-Nov-11 18:52:26

We are looking at villages around Aylsham, and will be viewing houses in Cawston , Sparham, Foxley and Aylsham next weekend.
I would really appreciate any advice about primary schools in those areas. I am more interested in the bigger sized schools with a family feel .....happy christmas fairs etc.
Thank you very much

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