Opinions/ideas about Norwich-area secondaries?

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Halbanoo Thu 12-May-11 10:54:30

This info is not for me (DS is only 3...) but DH is keen to help out a new colleague who will be relocating to the area with his family. The children are secondary school age. Convenience and accessibility to UEA will be a plus.
They have no idea where to even begin their search.

Is there any hope at getting a place in a decent state secondary at this point? What others would you suggest? They will be relocating from abroad so they have zero experience with British schools (and, honestly, neither do I!)

jessikart Thu 19-May-11 21:51:40

My kids are too young for secondary school as well, so I'm of no help there at all! I went to CNS, and I think it's still considered a pretty good school (it was top 50 in the UK when I was there in the mid 90s), but I don't know how/if oversubscribed it is. The catchment area used to be a bit odd (mostly local, but there were huge groups of kids from Catton for some reason). City Academy (used to be Earlham School) is the closest secondary to UEA, but it's maybe not the nicest school IYSWIM....
We moved to Norwich last year in a bit of a rush and sorted out school for DS (then 5) in three days - I phoned the council, gave my address, asked where they had spaces. They told me, made appointment to visit school. Visited school the next day. DS started new school the day after. That was mid-term though, after other kids had left. I should think it's probably very different at the start of the academic year!Also, at the time, we were staying with my parents, so I gave the council their address, then we knew we had to find a house close to DS's school (rather silly way of doing things, but hey, it worked for us).
I'm on the NR2/NR4 border and there are lots of students and employees of UEA round here (the no. 25 bus serves the university). Very easily walkable/bikable/busable.

BobDowne Thu 22-Sep-11 20:29:18

I have two boys at CNS - the eldest is now in the 6th form and has got on really well there, the youngest is enjoying it much more than junior school as they have lots of after school activities going on too. It is a very popular school and I've known several families who have moved house especially to get their kids in there! The Hewitt doesn't have such a good reputation but I was impressed when I went to look round - and the exam results are improving. It's not as middle class as CNS if you know what I mean!

josephinebonaparte Thu 22-Sep-11 20:34:20

CNS is the catchment school for Eaton, which is very convenient for UEA. City Academy is to be avoided, Hewett s'alright. Both wymondham schools are good

4madboys Tue 18-Oct-11 18:15:19

my eldest is in yr 8 at cns and loving it, its a seems a good school, certainly the best locally if you cant afford to go private. notre dame is also meant to be good but hard to get into depending on where you live and if you are catholic!

i live just off ipswich road and its easy to get to the uni from here, you can bike it quickly or there are buses.

eaton primary school is a good primary as well. i like it round here, its nice, lots of lovely parks and toddler groups etc.

Halbanoo Sat 22-Oct-11 16:03:04

Wow---this has surely bumped up! Thanks for the advice! Our friend ended up moving out to one of the villages west of the UEA and has his kids set up at the local primary/secondary there.

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