New chapter in my life

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maplekind Sun 20-May-12 09:59:31

Hi there, I am also a single mum and like to meet others in the area. I live in Lakenahm and have a 2.8 month old son. I'm 31. Hope you are getting on okay. It's tough on your own. Feel free to send me a message X

Notasdaftasilook Sun 03-Apr-11 14:15:58

Hi everyone, I'm newly single - happily ! - and have one son, aged 14 yrs. We have just moved house and are in Sprowston. I'm not currently working, have always been a SAHM apart from voluntary/part time temp work since he was born and all my friends here are either married/working full time. I've been - and still am - preoccupied with the house and settling my son etc. but would really like to get to know other women in maybe similar positions...

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